Table of Contents, Fall 2016


ballot boxPhoto by Heather KatsoulisBY RUSSELL FRANK

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, how will the media reflect on the role it played in the results?


292525546 5d9326149d oPhoto by Lance FisherBY JOHN MICHAEL KITTROSS

In which the editor of Media Ethics magazine offers up his own insights into the lessons the news media can learn from the 2016 presidential election.


transparency 169549985-thumb-380xauto-3467BY DENISE SEVICK BORTREE

"Native advertising," a.k.a., sponsored content or advertorials, has seen explosive growth in recent years. How does the ethics of such content impact the publications that use it? 


8258620976 ec5395bf0a oGraphic by Jurgen AppeloBY RICHARD LANCE KEEBLE

An analysis of how the media selects certain anniversaries to focus on in their coverage while ignoring other, equally as significant days in history that might be more negative than others.


5440390625 909854f45e oPhoto by Gage SkidmoreBY JERRY LANSON

After the many failures of the media that somewhat led to the election of the future President Trump, how do we reconcile media responsibilities moving forward?


5510506796 e0aceddf28 oPhoto by Caleb RoenigkBY GARY GROSSMAN

As Big Brother encroaches on your digital personal space with technological advances and media enhancements, what will privacy look like a decade from now?


Carol Burnett - 1974Photo of Carol Burnett, 1974, Photographer UnknownBY ANN AUMAN

A lecture by Stephen Ward reminds us of the importance of considering the ethical implications of journalistic work at the international level.


the future exitPhoto by BuckBY KENNETH HARWOOD

As the prevalence of "fake news" grows rampant in the contemporary media landscape on the internet, what will the realm of media ethics look like in the next four years?


8456487993 7568de488a oPhoto by Insomnia Cured HereBY OLIVER LANE

Take a closer look at how and why this classic, starring Orson Welles, can teach us a great deal about ethics.



Different Opinions on the Advantages of Belief In God.