u1mjofj6Allison HughesBY RUSHWORTH M. KIDDER

Newspapers appear to be evaporating before our very eyes. What plagues newspapers? Is it simply their financial model?

hj1urji8Manny ParaschosMANNY PARASCHOS

spans the globe for "Ethicalia," minutia about the ethics of the media. This edition includes items from Spain, Britain, Los Angeles and Croatia.

231h63kgAllison HughesBY ERNEST D. ROSE

On more than a few occasions, Friendly was not above doctoring material that was passed off as the real thing.

jzl314s4Allison HughesBY JOHN C. MERRILL

Some comment is free and some facts are sacred...But both expose the communicator to ridicule, penalties and danger.

v252d9o9Allison HughesBY CARY NELSON

Yoo's case raises new-and potentially dangerous-grounds for determining what activities and contexts bear on defining and establishing professional fitness.

nb712892Allison HughesBY TRACE REGAN

Most Ohio newsrooms that participated in a 2008 survey do not have a specific, established process for handling ethical issues. However, the news managers in many of these newsrooms say having newsroom staff members discuss ethical issues is a key to their ethical decision-making.

5953l436Betsy Stepp/iStockPhoto/Allison HughesBY JACK LULE

What can journalists-and those who wish to protect journalists-do to protect and defend the world's endangered watchdogs?

n667biz0Allison HughesBY SHANNON A. BOWEN

Is public relations a vociferous advocate or an independent counsel?

q24mu2pgAllison HughesBY CAROLE MCNALL

It is increasingly possible, especially for those who get their information online, to dodge all points of view that don't agree with them.


What should sources expect from student journalists?

gb69cnrlAllison HughesBY GENE BURD

News anchors have the dilemma of needing both to be professionally objective and personally dispassionate.


A fictional piece: Can an ethicist have an ethical problem?

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